Ways to upgrade Ubiquiti UniFi device (UAP-AC-PRO)

Today after I upgraded Ubiquiti UniFi CloudKey and Controller to 0.10.0 I had available new firmware for UAP-AC-PRO access point. Immediatelly I pushed command to trigger upgrade to most new available FW. It took 2 sec and device got status 'upgrade(failed)'.

I contacted support to ask for help because also manual upgrade did not work. With support I learnt that there are several ways how to upgrade device.

  1. Via Controller Ui - regular upgrade
  2. Via Controller Ui - manual upgrade
  3. Via SSH command - 'upgrade [HTTP link to bin file]'
  4. Via SSH Command - 'syswrapper.sh upgrade2 &'
    • this requires pre tasks : copy FW file via for example 'WinSCP' to 'root/tmp' in target UAP
    • rename FW bin file to: 'fwupdate.bin'
    • video HERE

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